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Summertime creative work  with Metal Smith Jeweler Keri Ataumbi for images of her new jewelry line, Feathers and Diamonds. Find ATAUMBI METALS  at this years Santa Fe Indian Market Booth#12 and the Shiprock Gallery.


Behind the scenes with Ataumbi Metals Summer 2017. Betty the Bison and Anagakawee  share a cool drink break. 
Behind the scenes with Ataumbi Metals Summer 2017. 
Summertime is here officially ! What a great way to start my 52nd birthday helping Keri and Joel set up their summertime home under a perfect blue sky. Last time I helped set up a Tipi was with her mama Jeri years ago for a Children's Pow Wow. What wonderful memories!

JULY 2017 Museo De Artes Nogales  U.S. Consulate hosts "Building Puentes Across Naciones".
52 Bi-National Artists & Artist Panel :  Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
JULY 2017 Museo De Artes Nogales  U.S. Consulate hosts "Building Puentes Across Naciones". 
52 Bi-National Artists & Artist Panel :  Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

2017  Off the Road and on the trail in the middle of New Mexico 
On the Trail of the Spanish Barb New Mexico 2014 

On assignment with Alex Street Jewelry in Thailand 2013

 Copper Canyon Chihuahua, Mexico with One Heart World Wide 2010

Arizona US/Mexico borderland photographer,  Raechel Running creates images that are more than just photographs. Freelancing for over 25 years her work has been published internationally for editorial, corporate, music and travel stories and exhibited as fine art. 

Running’s strength is  in her ability to conceptualize ideas; whether in the studio or on location she combines portraiture and reportage with illustrative techniques to create a new kind of classic that is timeless and something different.  The pursuit of photography as a way of life has inspired Raechel to travel the road less traveled. 
Her work is infused with the history of the  Americas and the iconic West. 

RAEchel’s work reflects concern for life cycles, people, nature, and the miracles expressed in everyday life. These visual musings celebrate life and death and the spiritual thread that  connects us to our human experience and the landscape that exist beyond the current borderlands.  Running’s documentary and fine art photo based explorations are contemplative and symbolic reflections of her interests in social and  environmental concerns. She aspires to show how our backyards are connected in expressions of visual poetry.

Maternal: Trinidadian: Chinese and African 
Paternal:  American: Swedish and French Canadian


  • Viola Awards Nominee 2012
  • Viola Awards Nominee 2011
  • Santa Fe Photograhy Workshops FAMILY 2010
  • International Color Awards 2007
  • Photo District News Digital Awards 2007
  • David Allan Harvey’s Emerging 
  •   Photographers Award 2007
  • Penland School of Crafts Penland, NC    2001 Scholarship Recipient
  • California Collage of Arts & Crafts. CCAC 
  • Canidate for BFA Oakland, CA 1984,1985 
  • Graduated Flagstaff High School 1983


Enviva Magazine 


The Better Bombshell Book

ORION Magazine 
YES Magazine
VISION Youth Magazine / China
Arizona Highways 
Sojourn Magazine
Missing Mary, Charlene Spretnak
British GQ 
Newsweek Japan
Polo Magazine

Lasting Light: 125 years of Grand Canyon Photography

There’s This River: Grand Canyon
   Boatman Stories Anthology
Not all who wander are lost     Grand Canyon 2014 


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