19 August 2015

Wintersun : Summer 2015 Hey Joe photo shoot.

It's good to stay soft in a hard world.


Southwest Jewelry & Skincare 
for Men & Women

In the early month of may I did a photo shoot for Wintersun ; We've been collaborating for years ; each time I grow as an image maker - co -creator - The vibe to be cool and positive ; A fusion of classic cultural jewelry and contemporary plus Men like good skincare too ; ) It was the first time shooting in the old Flagstaff Photocenter since it had closed two years ago; my dad walked by and we hugged - we played with light - I was on a cooking job out in Gods Country and switching gears to fashion was a mind bender ; ) then back to the ranch to cook din din for the boys . What remains at the essence is the original streets of Flagstaff and the wonderful people whom we've meet over the years in the downtown, the currents still remains inspirational. So good to create back in the ol' hometown and walk the streets and back alleys again. Asquali Mamichi, Phyllis Hogan and Joey for being our inspiring muse! Stay tune for more art and skincare from the heart of ol historic downtown!
this is the photo illustration sketch process : 

Wintersun ad as seen in the NOISE:

YA! JOE!! 
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Bio: Joseph Jaraczewski
A grove of aspen trees grows from a single seedling; a vast root system spreads under the forest floor, sending up white tree trunks over the course of centuries. Similarly, Joseph Jaraczewski built a supportive root system across North America. Born in southeastern Wisconsin to a Polish and Filipino heritage, his family eventually moved to Northern Arizona, a land of mesquite, ponderosa pine, and adventure. As a musician and lyricist, Joseph has travelled extensively through the Western United States. Joseph is currently attending the University of Oregon, pursuing a Master's in Sustainable Business Management with the hope of working in the agricultural industry.

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