20 August 2015

Under Pressure: Stages : With Kate Edwards

STAGES: sometime this past spring 

I can barely find the words to comprehend all of what  these boxes contain and  have meant so much to me ; This photo sequence expresses the evolution from OMG ! overwhelming to moving through, finding the zen spot and then busting on through to the the other side ! Up and through Baby!!   I still have boxes to wrangle but poco a poco the zen moment is here in the chaos all along.   I think I have may have a cigar box obsession. I do have a cigar box obsession - now we'll have to turn it to art!

This was the final day before we made the boxes go away.  
Sometimes the muse leads the way out of the maze just like in mythology ; Here's to the beauty and fun 
A nice send off I'd say ; ) and off to  new beginnings!!
OMG!!! Faint at Heart. 
Overwhelmed. Trapped. Withdrawn.  
Looking out to the world.
Find your Zen in  the Eye of the Hurricane. 
Eyes wide Open.
Bust a MOVE! 
EVOLVE ! Rise and SHINE!!! 

Thank you Katie for being an inspiration and your sunny self ! 

 Its been a process to say the least  to move 50 years of life from the top of the mountain down to the Sonoran desert lands. Angels, muses and interns come in many forms. It so happens I've known her since she was just a sparkle  and swinging in a tutu  between bites of pizza and pepperoni, beers and Johnny Cash when we were all younger and enjoyed porchin it in the evenings at Alpine Pizza.  
Her and I  landed in Tucson just around the same time and we were destined to meet again.   Kate's  grandma  still teaches at Tucson High and I was pleasantly surprised to learn Grandma also  had the lovely Phyllis Hogan of Wintersun as a student when Ms Phylly was herself in high school  back in the day. All I can is it's a small world wonder how we end up where we do and still have hometown connections. 

Ms Katie came to lend a hand as an insta intern,  furniture mover,  feng shui consultant and Muse! 
It was spontaneous and fun to do and watch and feel the transformation of the studio space.  
It was a space a puzzle comprised of boxes of every shape and size for all the stuff of life  all jammed into the once empty studio space.  The hallway has been an ever changing installation piece  and I am grateful to say it has been more or less tamed.  

I am eternally grateful for the team of friends who helped move me through this process; Thanks to the produce guys  for a beautiful collection at Frys, and Baby Bashas on the Hill  that helped in our cause.  Apple and banana boxes were perfect for fitting not too big, not too small but just right. 

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