03 April 2014


I often reflect on this essay Nothing Personal when I need a shot of faith to renew my conviction to see the world through a camera and aspire for mastery of words like Baldwin. I wonder what they were like in high school, what they discussed and they found each  other.

I wish everyone could read this essay to grasp the history of America as we repeat ourselves again. I am  inspired by their dedication to tell the truth in their own language. Each is strong unto itself but together the images and the words synthesis a stronger meaning.

I would love to hear the words  read over the photographs ; some one like Morgan Freeman.
It was great to discover these little videos looking at books and also find the original essay.
The book is a rare find these days.

James Baldwin with Richard Avedon's portraits: Nothing Personal 1964

"The light that's in your eyes reminds me of the skies that shine above us every day-so wrote a contemporary lover, out of God knows what agony, what hope, and what despair. But he saw the light in the eyes, which is the only light there is in the world, and honored it and trusted it; and will always be able to find it; since it is always there, waiting to be found. One discovers the light in darkness, that is what darkness is for; but everything in our lives depends on how we bear the light. It is necessary, while in darkness, to know that there is a light somewhere, to know that in oneself, waiting to be found, there is a light. What the light reveals is danger, and what it demands is faith. " James Baldwin

A book designed to be seen like  a symphony is meant to be heard.  

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