RAEchel Running Up Against the Wall portrait by Stefan Falke

 Border Artists Project  portraits by Stefan Falkes 
RAEchel Running Up Against the Wall

All photographs Stefan Falke. The work can be seen at The IMAS museum in McAllen, Texas and will go on show in Frankfurt, Germany on 7 May, accompanied by a book of the project published by Edition Faust.

I first became aware of Stefan Falke's project when I still lived in Mexico. We began our correspondence and eventually met last year when I first moved to Tucson. We traveled to Agua Prieta, Sonora where I have worked documenting projects for the Rancho Feliz Foundation over the past four years. The Wall has served as my background for my portraits.
The original wall has since been replaced with the costs varying from one million to twelve million dollars per mile. What IF this investment were put to education, healthcare for families and vets, and creating a humane solution to our immigration problem ? I stare up and down and look both ways and see not security but tragedy for miles. And really are we any more 'secure ' ? It doesn't make sense. 

Artist's and poets are the senses of our culture. They invoke our eyes and hearts to feel and become aware. Art inspires  us to share our stories and experiences..  It is with dedication Stefan has looked for the light in the dark politics and reality of the our current border wars. Families are divided as people seek economic stability. People continue to risk their lives by the thousands as the worlds they knew have been effected by the Central American wars of the 80s, NAFTA; Sadly human trafficking of women and girls continues and the  the current war on drugs  proves futile. Yet the colors and the strong messages written on the walls and voiced in strokes of light reflect the resilient Spirit and the hope of the dreamers  in spite the madness of war and walls. 

Stefan's work is a collaboration;  It is a  pictorial tapestry of portraits reflecting a collective vision. Moments captured at each mile along the way to tell us of why walls don't work. He honors  the voices of the artists as a conductor leads an orchestra.  There are traces of memory to be heard and lessons to be learned. Listen to the notes captured within the frame of his eye; Listen to what the walls, the earth, and what people are saying.

It has been really exciting to be apart of his Border Artists project. I am inspired by the work of the other artists involved. What we all have in common is sharing our response to our time in history. I look forward to seeing the exhibit and hope his work can be shown locally. 
I look forward to meeting some of the other artists and learn more myself about this
 in -between world we share. 

Please follow for updates on the upcoming book and exhibitions.
For more info please visit Stefan's website and follow him on FB. 

BBC -Stefan Falke-Border Artists

Raechel Running - Border Artist by Stefan Falke

A portrait in the series of Raechel in Agua Prieta, Sonora      by Stefan Falke


CZJ said…
RAEchel, you and your work are amazing. I feel honored to call you friend!

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