6th Annual 2013 Color Awards: Surprise! Honorable Mention Award

These days I look at photography mostly online, in photo books and on Facebook. I also keep a pulse on what's happening in photography from posts on www.aphotoeditor.com. Last time I was home packing up at Running's studio. In my stack of  mail I found  a little certificate for placing honorable mention in the 6th Annual 2013 Color Awards. Interesting to see the work of my fellow colleagues. I often wonder how anyone finds you.  Sometimes I enter contests and roll the dice. Often you never hear back but every blue moon  you hit your mark. I thought this was one of my personal  best  from the border. Surprise! 

The Spike the Border image was taken in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico.  . A Canadian Woman's Volleyball team went to Mexico to volunteer with NGO www.RanchoFeliz.com.
For more info:

There's some strong work out there.  Check it out ! 


For  more about the Rancho Feliz Volunteer Exchange Program:


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