05 September 2013

6th Annual 2013 Color Awards: Surprise! Honorable Mention Award

These days I look at photography mostly online, in photo books and on Facebook. I also keep a pulse on what's happening in photography from posts on www.aphotoeditor.com. Last time I was home packing up at Running's studio. In my stack of  mail I found  a little certificate for placing honorable mention in the 6th Annual 2013 Color Awards. Interesting to see the work of my fellow colleagues. I often wonder how anyone finds you.  Sometimes I enter contests and roll the dice. Often you never hear back but every blue moon  you hit your mark. I thought this was one of my personal  best  from the border. Surprise! 

The Spike the Border image was taken in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico.  . A Canadian Woman's Volleyball team went to Mexico to volunteer with NGO www.RanchoFeliz.com.
For more info:

There's some strong work out there.  Check it out ! 


For  more about the Rancho Feliz Volunteer Exchange Program:

02 September 2013

A family portrait : Seven years later.

On my last trip to Flagstaff I photographed the Lusk family. It had been seven years ago when we did a photo shoot at the family studio in downtown Flagstaff. 

As a photographer it brought me much joy when the kids brought out their portraits. We did our best to recreate the original portraits - their idea ; ) 
I hung my portable backdrop which has been my traveling studio these past few years. I shake it out and hang it up and violia ! Photo studio ! We were crunched for time but what a moment it was. I love doing family portraits over the years, watching the evolution and family changes. Each person growing into
their own talents and gifts. When the world appears to be spinning too fast this moment shared reminds me of what is tender and good. I have to slow down and think fast.  I watch the light and invoke the inspiration of the muse waiting patiently to follow the weave of  the story. 

The sons and their cousin are now Endurance riders following the trails of inspired by the history of the Pony Express. They are competing this weekend up at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.http://xprides.com/rides/grand-canyon-xp/ 

I can only imagine the green valley, the smell of horses and fresh grass; I miss the ranches and going into the sierras and feel so far away from that world. I hope I can wrangle an editorial story to do. Pictures form in my mind. I do some visual research and love that there are now young women riding. Another aspect to the story I'd like to explore and document in the future for my continued exploration of the enduring horse cultures and traditions.