30 August 2013



 Since moving to Tucson in January I have had the chance to work with Perimeter Bicycling. How exciting it was to introduce the inspiring work of Rancho Feliz to a new community. I smile inside as I envision the future networking of the upcoming Cochise County Cycling Classic and the Bigger Than Borders co-event. 
 I've gotten into bike riding myself. Somedays I find myself tooling along making observations. I am enjoying discovering the Santa Cruz River Park,
and looking for photos and  pushing myself to make the miles. Other days I think of the Vecinos riders riding on the other side of the border; they truly inspire me to make the distance. These two stories for Tailwinds are examples of how bike riding enriches lives as individuals and as a community. It is certainly changing mine. 


Have Bike Will Travel 
with photographer Martha Retalick

Biketographer Martha Retalick and her rig.

Taking the slow ride inspires the eye to see things in a new light.
Bike riding in Barrio Viejo with Martha.
Photographer Martha during our interview at the Casaita Azul.
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October 12 at 4:00pm until November 9 at 8:00pm
119 E Toole AveTucson, Arizona 85701


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Rancho Feliz Guardian Warriors in Auga Prieta, Sonora, MX
with founder, Gil Gillenwater.

So what is a Rancho Feliz "Guardian Warrior"?
"Rancho Feliz is actively involved in redefining the archetypical “volunteer” and the existing paradigm of “charity work”. By re-introducing the age old “Warriorship” concepts of power, strength, courage, discipline and honor, coupled with the responsibility to others inherent in “Guardianship”, the Rancho Feliz “Guardian Warrior” understands that the most certain path to bringing abundance, purpose and happiness into his or her own life is by helping others. After all, it takes much more strength and courage to lift someone up than it does to knock him or her down. This is an age-old and time-honored law that predictably got misplaced in a culture where individual pursuit of wealth became the national religion. " Gil Gillenwater, founder of Rancho Feliz.

Morning training ride with Rancho Feliz June 2013 


1st Training Ride for the

Cochise County Cycling Classic.

So it began one hot summer's day....

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Photographing on the other side with Rancho Feliz Vecinos.

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