27 July 2012

ONE DAY 2 Shows : Brooklyn NYC : San Miguel Allende, MX

NEW Collaborations and group shows back east in Brooklyn, NYC 
and central Mexico in San Miguel Allende, Mexico.

JULY 28, 2012

RADIANT EDGE: San Miguel Allende, Mexico
I met Anado in 2010 on my visit to San Miguel. I read about Anado in the local 
bi-lingual paper and planned a visit. He looked so much like my dad I was compelled to meet him and learn more and his beautiful,enchanting home.. The plumed serpent wound up in the corner of the living room. Vibrant Colors reverberated light from two floors and the multicolored surfaces. The main house, the Chapel and the wildly eccentric gardens lead to a wonder world of the most beautiful sustainable inspired outhouse and eco designed spaces I've ever seen. Within the home of Anado and his partner Richard I discovered Hopi Katchinas from Flagstaff's WinterSun Trading Company from Flagstaff, AZ. He knew the work of Shonto Begay and we embraced as if we were kindred spirits How fun to connect the dots.  I have a print in his group show in the beautiful Chapel of Jimmy Ray! 

I am met Athena and George through my bien amiga for many years the lovely ms. Vanessa at the Gowanus Loft during my visit to NYC in june. Vanessa got me connected. Our friendship spanning the west and across the country to the Big City. I had only a day to submit my work when I got back to the studio. Next thing you know I joined ART FROM THE HEART. 

It has been a great process to be apart of this artful experiment in social media. Gracias for inviting me to participate!!

I haven't flown cross country for a long time. I flew out of Flagstaff, changed planes in Phoenix, landed in La Guardia and stepped out onto a side walk in Brooklyn greeted by Vanessa's radiant smile and a big hug. 
 On my whirlwind tour of the big city I met wonderful people. 
My taxi cab driver picked me up at La Guardia at midnight. He was from Bangladesh, India and lived in America for over twenty five years. I asked him about how he felt immigration in  America. There was a silence and I could feel the emotion through the glass and small window that divides the driver from the passenger in the intimate space of the taxi. His voice broke; with tears in his eyes sparkling in the rearview mirror and refracted lights of traffic. 

'I wish the world could be more like New York City. We have every religion, every culture here. Everybody from somewhere. The whole world is here! " he exclaimed  in his Indian accent with one hand gesturing. His great love for America filled the air and I smiled to myself watching the city lights engulf me like a wave on the sea. 

Flying through the Big City in the taxi with the lovely ms V.
Mexicanos! y VIVA MEXICO with Pancho Villa, Carmela Wallace,
 and  Copper Canyon Guide, Dave Hensley
Starting the Day with Ms V and the Gowanus Loft world
where I got connected to AFTH and the Vanderbilt Republic.
Sr. Ruiz from Puerto Rico invited me for a caficito next door to Casa Mescal.

 I was invited to share my work for " Chihuahua Querida " a press event organized by Mexican chef Zarela Martinez. She grew up in Chihuahua, Mexico on historic haciendas  with  our mutual friend, rancher, Carmela Wallace. 

Cafe Mescal, NYC with Zarela Martinez and ' Pancho Villa';
Pancho Villa, Narciso Martinez with  Raechel Running, Diego Valles and Karla Martinez.

Cafe Mescal, NYC 

There is the scene  in the movie  Like Water for Chocolate when the girl cries into the chiles that makes everyone remember their lost and unrequitted love and everyone begins to cry... I sometimes can't help the tears that roll out of my head as I long for the Mexico I knew in that magic time before everything got loco - so often I wake up and go to sleep desiring to just be back there... I can hear the birds in the morning and imagine the curtain in the open window welcoming a new day.

I met Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Costa Ricans, Chinese, Mexicans, Indians, Chinese, Jamacians, Palestinians, artists, writers, photographers, a dog walker, a life coach. I saw my dear friends from Casas Grandes and Mata Ortiz. How ironic to travel to far to see their familiar faces again. I felt the nostalgia of my 'comison', the itch one can't scratch - my longing for the landscape and community south in Chihuahua, Mexico. It haunts me like an old Mexican love song. The strangers in the big city extended the same kindnesses as the strangers in the harsh landscape of Chihuahua. Kind strangers helping make my way in a strange land showing me the face of compassionate angels. 

My slideshow was inspired by the  love and longing in my heart for the world of Chihuahua that feels so faraway. I feel I have been in a state of perpetual in-between. The Nahuatal word is ' Nepantla'. Mundo Intermedio. The world inbetween. Neither here nor there.  I pray for a better times and better policies. I pray for peace. I hope people will come to know a different Mexico through my work other than what is served up daily to us by the main stream media. I  hope  people feel a stirring in their heart. I felt it when I saw first looked through my lens and saw the tear fall from Pancho Villa's eyes, catching the light of one of the most dazzling Chihuahuan sunset. One tear inspired a journey and  all these years of memories.  

When I arrived  in Casas Grandes with Jason for the first three weeks of the three month artist residency, we met art educator, Micky Vanderwagon. He toasted our arrival with a bottle of golden tequila. 

He squinted his eyes and looked up as if channeling the words spoken out the side of his mouth. ' You're not here because you wanted to, it's because it's your destiny." In that moment Jason and I made eye contact sharing a knowing look of a recognition of the crossroad in our lives.

I have spent five years  documenting this landscape, the history unfolding before my very eyes  in the love the people of my community have for their traditions,family and culture.   I could spend the rest of my life exploring the deep layers of history of the borderlands and barely make a scratch. 


ART From the HEART

Curious to know what the AFTH experience is like? Then check out the album of photographs we've just posted from AFTH2011 at the link below, and act fast to reserve your advance admission now at http://vanderbiltrepublic.com/!


AFTH is a pop-up artists cooperative:http://vanderbiltrepublic.com/. AFTH2011: curated by Jo-Anneke Van Der Molen + produced by Rachel Golden. Photographs byhttp://www.shelbycase.com/

Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico  Canyon Road
 RanchoFeliz.com and Oneheart-worldwide.com 


Curated by Anado and Richard  

Opening  Saturday July 28 from 1 to 5pm 
at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray.  

Radiant Edge:  A Group Show...If you are in or near San Miguel try and be there.  15 Artist including myself (Anado) will be showing work.  Hierbabuena Gourmet Food Truck will be offering their delicious fare. DJ PaPaCheCo will provide music for the event.  Be There!  Be Open to Surprise!
 "I am also asking for you to supply me in English or Spanish, two to three sentences about your relationship with "The Edge"...how the edge relates to your creative process...that point where you as an artist meet that space where you take a risk and something new comes about..." from Anado


If I had given into fear and defeat I would never have known the beauty of the heart of Mexico. The edge makes me uncomfortable even as much as I am drawn to it.  It takes courage to go beyond fear and security and the edge is the fine line where anything is possible.  For me it is like running a boat through the rapids -  it's finding the right line to follow the current out of the chaos.  I can always hang it out for the pursuit of beauty. The Edge divides and ultimately unites. 

"The common eye sees only the outside of things, and judges by that, but the seeing eye pierces through and reads the heart and the soul, finding there capacities which the outside didn't indicate or promise, and which the other kind couldn't detect." 
MARK TWAIN, Joan of Arc

www.RanchoFeliz.com   SPIKE THE BORDER, Agua Prieta, Sonora Mexico 
Anado choose this image: 
Portrait of Canadian volleyball team captain, Kasandra Bracken and Mexican Volleyball player,
Enedina Parra Murrieta serve up hope and build bridges to community on the Mexican side of the fence.