10 March 2012


!!! VIVA VILLA !!!

I have been invited by renowned Chef Zarela to present my work on the ranching and food traditions of Chihuahua this summer in New York City. It has been a really exciting project to share the love and passion of the history with a larger audience. Although I am Arizona the gran Amor for the Borderlands continues to unfold in the most unexpected places.

It has been five years since I first went with the support of  my dear friend Jason and heard of the Villista Cabalgata - Our lives have been forever altered upon our first meeting with the General .  

For more about Zarela's amazing food as life please visit her website:

The one thing that I have learned since launching the Chihuahua Querida Home Page is that every person recommended to me by Carmela Wallace and Raechel Runnng  who I have invited to take part in our upcoming celebration gave a resounding yes with almost a missionary zeal  to show the glory and diversity of  their beloved Chihuahua was. The beauty of it is that everyone has a specialty . Some promote potters, others have worked in the spectacular Paquime anthropological site, Carmela  and scientists from all over the world  are dedicated to  sustainability and conservation, still others give tours.  Whether it is to reveal the secret of making teach cooks to make the prized Chihuahua or Mennonite cheese or sing the praises of sotol, a local  mezcal-like spirit- everyone is eager to join us in the fun.  Of course their fun is sharing their experiences with the public so you need to go to the events. Alone on cannot share life; others must be there
And then there is Narciso Martinez who lives his life as Pancho Villa. He looks like  him,  gives exciting presentations, leads the 137 kilometer cabalgata reenacting Pancho Villa’s ride to victory and speaks just like him. Impersonator, body snatcher, alter ego, devoted fan , brilliant performer and storyteller that brings both tears and laughter.  He will be performing here exactly on the 5th of June, Pancho Villas 132nd birthday at a place to be determined by how any people sign up.  
The price is $25.00 per person payable through PayPal
Now who will volunteer to maka a cake. maybe a few  and we can vote for the best.
He asked me to go pick him up at the airport because sometimes the authorities think  he is crazy.  Why don’ t we all form a posse to welcome him to the city? That’s a perfect NY1 story!

Narciso Martinez “Pancho Villa” photogragh taken by Raechel  Running

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