Trappings of the American West. Dry Creek Arts Fellowship
Phippen Museum  Prescott, AZ 
"The exhibition is about horse culture, but it isn't just about cowboys and Indians, said Raechel Running, who has several inventive photographs in the show. "The vision is extraordinary and pushes all the boundaries. It's a measure of what I strive for in my own work. If I hadn't been involved with horse culture, I would probably have missed more than half of what my experience in Mexico has been."
2012 AZ Daily Sun article by Betsy Bruner

 My work this year was created on a private ranch in Sonora, Mexico. It was the place where President Reagan fell of the horse - New Years spent in the amazing landscape of winter in the desert was spectacular. Low clouds, rolling hills against blue mountains- Mexico is surreal in that there really were bison and zebras co-existing on an old family game preserve. I love the juxtaposition
and incongruity of it all. I wanted to create an old world diary feeling to the images - inspired by the work of Peter Beard's diaries from his years in Africa. 

Living in Mexico has opened many doors to look at the landscape and the cultures of the Greater Southwest and Northern Mexico. I wasn't aware that bison naturally inhabited the region but it makes sense when you look at the landscape before there was a border wall. 

The living traditions and horse culture is historically rich classroom. Amazing species of birds, and diverse flora and fauna co exist in these unique  microcosms. I am inspired by the environmental stewardship to preserve traditional ranch life; and wild land habitat for jaguars in adjacent ranches along the border. 


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