23 October 2011

TEDxSF - Louie Schwartzberg - Gratitude

There are some mornings when you receive a gift; your heart opens and you become connected to the bigger picture. Sometimes it's a message from a friend you haven't seen in a long time; or your best friend makes you an appointment to receive bodywork to soothe your Soul and heal your pain; somedays you help someone and other days they help you. It's being reminded to be and live in GRATITUDE. Here's to the beauty of the world; the gift of yet another day.

22 October 2011

A GRAND Return : Grand Canyon, Colorado River Trip

"Hey Raechel, this is your sister Chelsea; I'm trip leading and there's a spot. We leave monday- wanna go boating? "

14 days on the river after barely emerging from south of the border I barely touch upon home ; 12 hours later I am heading to Lee's Ferry down stream with a first timer boatman, Ryan a California boatman and the OARS crew- a posse of guides and guests. It is great to be back - so many years of my life and all the memories - Science camps- guitars - frost and wind; baking sun; cool shadows; a cast of characters all within the fold of earth, river and sky.  After 5 years gone  I am assured with a smile  that the River  still runs downstream - the river songs - light and shadows of the changing seasons - continuing  doing what they've always done - storms; floods; some rocks move and others seem forever in they're place - soothe jazz and poetry - a river note and laughter - a soft cheek on hard rock - 

02 October 2011

Raechel Running and jetsonorama

I have been inspired by JETSONORAMA's visual dialogue from the streets of downtown Flagstaff to the bead stands along HWY 89 -
I hope to help give voices to the walls of my communities on both sides of the fence -