STEVE JOBS by Albert Watson

i Portrait Steve Jobs by Albert Watson

There are portraits and then are PORTRAITS. Contemplative; inspiring - a collaboration between photographer and subject - Albert Watson, a photographer whose work I greatly admire for his portraiture made this classic portrait of Steve Jobs - founder of Apple. It is now apart of the visual vocabulary of our times. It speaks to timelessness - a moment and forever - engaging - interesting - even though many have tried, some nail and others only copy the iconic work of Richard Avedon's portraits of people on a simple white background. It's an interesting story of an image that has taken on a life of it's own and yet has become public domain as what represented such a creative genius who change our world as creatives and photographers. Click.

"Connecting the dots  will keep your faith when you feel lost on the path."

Here's the story behind the scenes: 
 iPortrait Steve JOBs How to LIVE before you Die 


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