13 June 2011

The Crossing by Cormac MaCarthy ; BOOKDRUM

Second prize was awarded to Gordon Knox for The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy. 
What the judges said: "Clear, thoughtful and enticing, written with a brilliant understanding of the book - covering not only its strengths but also those elements that might present obstacles to readers. Genuinely exciting - it really makes you want to read the book."

Anyone who has a passion for reading OR CHIHUAHUA will enjoy this website. 
It is completely inspirational - very interesting facts, links, movies, photos, songs; art  and history. It is  a great example of how access to knowledge and social media are being combined in new forms of communication. I find this completely inspiring and really embraced this opportunity to join in the process of detailed story telling.

One of the best parts about being a photographer is all one has to learn at any given assignment. To know more of a place through the words of poets and writers deepens the understanding and illicits a deeper response. Sometimes one is informed after the fact and that too is interesting. 

I was contacted via Flickr a few months ago by Gordon a nice British chap who expressed a passion for Cormac McCarthy's book, THE CROSSING, for a book review contest that was in full swing.

Three years ago I was asked to document and create a website for a hunter's ranch here in the Sierra. The economic and media wars has thrown a damper 
on many people's dreams to create eco'tourism businesses- 

I wasn't a hunter, a cowboy, or familiar with this world. this was my introduction into wildlands/ranch/ conservation. It is a journey I continue to explore in depth on the borderlands. 

I asked my client what could I read to get into the mind set of the feeling he wanted to convey and that is how THE CROSSING became an integral part of my Chihuahuan education/experience. I return to this book again and again. I like having it near by - 

LINKS and local reference and my photos:

Gordon Knox' book reviewer  2nd PLACE in BOOKDRUM 2011
Congrats Gordon! I hope you get to come to Chihuahua sometime.

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