Orion Magazine

I submitted some work to Orion last summer. Turns out Justin the photo editor had been to Chihuahua; and our long time friend Hans Teensma was still designing beautiful magazines. The world of photos, northern mexico, road trips and assignments Bennett and Running did with Hans back in the 80's -

Here's a few of the designs as it progressed.

The photo illustration was for a story by Luis Urrera, one of my favorite writers whose stories have accompanied all the road trips and stories through Mexico's magic lands. Still my work from the San Francisco Mission accompanies me - the urban existence and the call of the natural world. I was stoked to find old pages from the original diaries of Luis and Clark. I have always remembered Luis' reading from The DEVILS HIGHWAY at the Border Book Festival put together by Denise Chavez. For the love of the word and the cultures of the borderlands.

Please have a listen : Orion Magazine
Summary: Lius Alberto Urrea reads his short story, "The Southside Raza Image Federation Corps of Discovery," from the January/February 2011 issue of Orion.


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