07 November 2011

STEVE JOBS by Albert Watson

i Portrait Steve Jobs by Albert Watson

There are portraits and then are PORTRAITS. Contemplative; inspiring - a collaboration between photographer and subject - Albert Watson, a photographer whose work I greatly admire for his portraiture made this classic portrait of Steve Jobs - founder of Apple. It is now apart of the visual vocabulary of our times. It speaks to timelessness - a moment and forever - engaging - interesting - even though many have tried, some nail and others only copy the iconic work of Richard Avedon's portraits of people on a simple white background. It's an interesting story of an image that has taken on a life of it's own and yet has become public domain as what represented such a creative genius who change our world as creatives and photographers. Click.

"Connecting the dots  will keep your faith when you feel lost on the path."

Here's the story behind the scenes: 
TED.com Steve JOBs How to LIVE before you Die 

06 November 2011

Notes to Self - Art journals

Art journal, a set on Flickr.
I have been filling empty books for 35 years - these are some of the recent ones from my time in Chihuahua, Mexico and my  visual odyssey back and forth across the borderlands and my home in Northern Arizona.  I enjoy their  randomness -  sometimes I see lines I'm following unfold in odd or non-linear patterns - an archtypes- mermaids; southwestern imagery; exotic women- fotos from my friends- fotos I admire - paintings -elegant oriental or colorful folk art -   I still want to draw more -but find myself blogging or face booking- but I still love to sit and drink coffee in bed with my half full book/ books.  I am less hung up on staying in one book - I often find myself  carrying around a couple of them these days -  letters, notes - torn out magazines, words that catch my eye. I still travel with a glue stick, and enjoy a new pen with a thin line - my journals have been my best traveling companion and refuge where I return to myself when I feel lost and dare to dream.

23 October 2011

TEDxSF - Louie Schwartzberg - Gratitude

There are some mornings when you receive a gift; your heart opens and you become connected to the bigger picture. Sometimes it's a message from a friend you haven't seen in a long time; or your best friend makes you an appointment to receive bodywork to soothe your Soul and heal your pain; somedays you help someone and other days they help you. It's being reminded to be and live in GRATITUDE. Here's to the beauty of the world; the gift of yet another day.

22 October 2011

A GRAND Return : Grand Canyon, Colorado River Trip

"Hey Raechel, this is your sister Chelsea; I'm trip leading and there's a spot. We leave monday- wanna go boating? "

14 days on the river after barely emerging from south of the border I barely touch upon home ; 12 hours later I am heading to Lee's Ferry down stream with a first timer boatman, Ryan a California boatman and the OARS crew- a posse of guides and guests. It is great to be back - so many years of my life and all the memories - Science camps- guitars - frost and wind; baking sun; cool shadows; a cast of characters all within the fold of earth, river and sky.  After 5 years gone  I am assured with a smile  that the River  still runs downstream - the river songs - light and shadows of the changing seasons - continuing  doing what they've always done - storms; floods; some rocks move and others seem forever in they're place - soothe jazz and poetry - a river note and laughter - a soft cheek on hard rock - 

02 October 2011

Raechel Running and jetsonorama

I have been inspired by JETSONORAMA's visual dialogue from the streets of downtown Flagstaff to the bead stands along HWY 89 -
I hope to help give voices to the walls of my communities on both sides of the fence -

11 August 2011

VIRTUAL FRIENDS : RV's, pool time... & Meatloaf AGAIN?????

Skype. What would I do without it? When no one comes to Mexico Skype dates are the next best thing to being there - family photos - a walk around the yard ;  Dkish is on a mission to climb Yosemite - she's not quite living the dirt bag life - but living out of a custom van with her climbing partner, the VERM. 
My usual question is, "Where ARE you now?" ....we laugh from afar ; we still make each other laugh ; share photo tips and geek out on what the photo industry is doing ; we're both taking Digital Story Telling workshops - and each of us following our passions ; Jason is running the photo center - is house sitting for DKish. One day he sends photos of the NEW pool while Dawn's gone - just never know what he'll come up with next, but its sure to be good -virtual summertime.

She sent me this video about RVing about life on the road
if you've ever worked 'on location' with a video/movie crew this is HILARIOUS....
Be forewarned contains  LOTS of ##$$(@&!! expression.

When friends are faraway.... BEWARE  anything could happen. 

Absent but DEAR....
MEANWHILE on FACEBOOK Class reunion means something completely different. 
It has been amazing really; some of us liberal; others more right than right itself; the lines of division of the social order we grew up with blurred and we discover one another for all the diversity of a lifetime. 
It's been truly inspiring and endearing really - and I find myself Laughing out loud hysterically at times. We give each other marital advice; recipes; calls to action; birthday shout outs ; support ; watch the kids and the gardens grow; go on first dates;  lament lost loves and cats; celebrate new loves ; meet the wife; the husband; breakup; make up; and rekindle new friendships.  I mean really, who needs reality TV when the characters who star in your own life are just as real if not more ? 
 Sometimes I wonder WHY some people want to be friends but you never hear from them anyways; or you might not agree with a 'Friends' political stance especially these days but they're like family and the point counter point can "un-friend" some and people you've never met ' become more than 'friends'. 
It's a phenomena of Social Media. So how to start your day ? with a little song; a photo; some love; and forgiveness. Exercise our first amendment rights and get proactive on issues that mean something to you. Here's  a little shout out to the world to share some of my dearest and funniest - 

Class of FHS 83 with Geoff Gonzales and Skip Spackeen on my last visit to Tucson.

I grew up with some great people who make me laugh out loud thirty years later. They make you smile at the irony and oddness of life's little je noi se quois .....  This was classic. 
Many of us were in Mr Bame's 7th music class. Rocky theme song was one of our favorites. 
Darrin played Sax; and we were in the flute section. Our Facebook reunion has been a startling heart felt connection to the Flagstaff we knew and loved; we laugh out loud wherever we are.