26 December 2010

The Visitors

A knock at the door. Earlier it was the cookie sisters. I open the shades of blue and Angelica, my Raramuri friend smiles back to me in her swirl of RED. Her niece, a swirl of green and a bundle of blue named San Juanito. They flow through the door and into the kitchen; I make tea and serve them the cookies from the cookie sisters-sweet sugar cookies with a touch of cinnamon.

They both see the National Geographic rimmed in gold and open the pages as if to satisfy some thirst; hunger...curiosity and the enchantment of the images of the world mysterious and different beyond languages and cultures.

Angelica wants me to photograph them...get my camera... move into the shooting guest room....

To have their youth and dark luminous light in the house of blue; swirls of color through cool blues and shadowy pinks; the window swings open; has remained open inspite of the cold to let the air and light in; camping indoors; Vameer's window light cascades and pools on high cheek bones; almond eyes;shy smiles and laughter behind hands; a clear gaze of mother's love; the young girl woman I have no idea how old she is; they are.

She begins to nurse.

Tonight is Christmas Eve and it is occurs to me how I feel I'm visited by the spirit of the Eternal Mother and Child on this special day. I watch them walk down my street. The sunshine illuminates this timeless act of mothers and the form echos the eternal grace of love. Lone silhouettes against the emptiness of the street and bare naked trees ; holding hands, walking together in the winter sun.

How to create? I feel sometimes like people think we just turn it on on demand. It can be elusive; sometimes it needs to be cajoled; flattered. initiated; invited - I don't know where the inspiration will come from; or the motivation to create something; anything ; how to get into the flow of the movement necessary to break the spell of inertia? Well needless to say I was grateful for their visit; It affirmed me of why I am here; and why I need to keep my camera close so I can answer the knock at the door and say, "Que Milagro ! What a miracle to see you! Would you like some tea?"

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Maya said...

Beautiful Raechel. Well put. Happy New Year to you!