06 November 2010

Do NOT dispair:New moon wishes

New Moon. My dear sister Al Pal's wedding today and here's to making LOVE and healing and saying YES for all the right reasons: A little something from planetwaves.net that really spoke to me this morning: It starts with you not getting beaten down, and to help bring others up who are. Its about sharing food with others, giving some of your extra eggplant that you’ve grown but you just can’t eat, to other people who are hungry. Its about helping other people who are in need, who are alone, who are sick, tired, poor and need to be hugged and held... It starts with you. And you will have the planets and the stars aligned up for you these next few years to do just that.... So take this analogy to heart and keep it there, beating strong: They want you to imagine that you’re weak and you have no power. But you do. Its already there. All you have to do is tap it, put all your energy into it, focus it and use it to defeat them. Use this time to rest up, paint, dance, be creative and make love as often as you can. Limber up for spring training and strengthen your voice. Reject despair. We’re going to need you. You’ve got what it takes. Here's to overcoming those who abuse their power for selfish gain, mean spiritedness, and greed with the exponential power of LOVE.... thank you planetwaves.net!!! Yeah!!! New Moon Wishing.....Here's to the LOVE we make in the world.

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