25 October 2010

WAR !!! What is it good for !!!

Censorship in the military. Don't see. Don't know. Ignorance is bliss but there are homeless men walking in the world carrying the wounds and war around in their heads. Families missing parts and a yearning for something more innocent. Jesus walks on the water and befriends the fallen solider or someone made a deal with the devil and the beat goes on.

I once was on assignment on a military base documenting 'techno warfare' a few years before Iraq. As a journalist, the soldiers practiced their interaction with the media and this story made me remember how that policy was being made. I grew up looking, terrified as a small child watching the Viet Nam war play in black in white. I used to have nightmares ; even as a little as I was I identified with the brown children running from bombs ; The photographs that came out of Nam helped to draw attention to the real truth of what was going on - those truths are what some people don't want us to know.

As I looked at David Douglas Duncan's work I remembered certain feelings from pictures. I listened to his voice; and those of soldiers who may or may not have made it home back to the US of A. I think of how my life would have been different if my dad had been sent to Nam and I wouldn't have been born in Flagstaff. I remember the hollow look; and the tender, and fear, and hell of the darkness of the jungles of faraway places I could only think of what my mother's country looked like. Bombs...people running. guns. them and us. us and them... always the other brother like Cain and Abel...

I have never seen combat or a violent death happen before me. When I look at these pictures I wonder how we can still support war or be blind to the effects. Some things haven't changed... but still there are stories to tell to help us open our eyes.

Examples of what you could or couldn't photograph:If we really SEE what's going on how can you close your eyes? After I read about Mark on a photoeditor.com I was compelled to find the book I 'stole' from my dad; I PROTEST. A very small and powerful book sold for a dollar. There is another book, WHERE WAR LIVES that haunts me too. We need photographers to keep us real-

over Family dinner Dkish, Dad, Laura we discuss what is being Human? Humane? I am still contemplating it....

Slideshow link :DAVID Douglas Duncan

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