Chaco on my mind

The Chaco Meridian is a direct north south alignment from Chaco Canyon in NM, to the ancient trading center of Paquime, Chihuahua. Being south has made me contemplate north these past three years. Got the book and spent a couple days wandering in the northern Gran Chichimeca watching Venus and Pluto on the horizon. Presented the Suenos de Aztlan under the stars to a lovely group of fellow travelers and share the love and amazement of how these two points are connected. I had no photos of Chaco and my dad collaborated with me to fill in the gaps. I sure look forward to returning again with insight and curiosity. Started reading Stephen Lexon's book, The Chaco Meridian on a cold, dark, and stormy night. Rain and Wind Gods follow me home in either direction.


Maya said…
Interesting video. I love Chaco Canyon!

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