01 August 2010

Driving and Editing. Adios Mexico. HOLA America!

Editing photographs. Getting ready for the show. After an eleven hour drive, crossing the border, and unpacking coming home to Flagstaff I think of the rain and migrations. I packed up the Mariachi Van and the cat. Leaving Casas Grandes, the desert greening, and the rivers flowing make it hard to leave. I keep my focus on my inspiration to do this show, Suenos de Aztlan, as a visual celebration of love to honor Mexican culture and all that I've been learning since I went south over three years ago in my protest against Arizona's law SB1070.

Homecoming is lunch at the Grand Canyon Cafe; coffee in the morning with my poppie; It is wandering around my three block radius of downtown Flagstaff and seeing all the new changes; why is it there always seems to be new bars? I see familiar faces and feel I am in another movie. Visiting with old friends on the sidewalks and in the grocery store; Catching up with the sisters; getting married, and new babies. All the kids have gotten so big ! It is the sound of rain through the open window and watching my kat adjusting to city life. We both look to the trees and I imagine us both wondering when we'll see our backyard in Casas Grandes again. The squash blooming; the radishes and basil coming up. I still live out of my bag. The year seems to have flown by.

It's one of those afternoons when the rain thwarted a coffee date with Dr. Jane Kelly and her family. It's not everyday my worlds of Casas Grandes cross over to my world in Northern Arizona. I wanted to introduce them to Bob Lomadofkie, and Phylis Hogan, from Wintersun and the Arizona Ethno-botanical Research Association. No time for coffee as they are driving to the south rim of Grand Canyon. I love that Bob gives them traditional Piki bread; and Phylis pulls out Dr. Jane's book on her research and collected stories of Yaqui Women. Time is elusive and you take what you can get. Document what you can and wave goodbye. I am grateful for the wonderful hospitality of my community and that is what is shared between both homes. The good people who make it home.

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