Reaching Beyond Borders :

Reaching Beyond Borders : Arizona Daily Sun by Betsy Bruner

Thank you Betsy Bruner for covering Suenos De Aztlan. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the observations and connections I've seen along the borderlands. When the people of my pueblo, young and old, ask me, "Why do Americans, Arizonans hate us? " what am I to say? It is a sense of shame to be an Arizonan; but also I am one of those whose life is inspired by Arizonians and the diversity that makes up the amazing history of our state. Is it possible to be ashamed and proud at the same time of what it means to be an Arizonian whose life has been shaped by the cultures of Arizona; Mexicans and Native American cultures their history is entwined with the landscape. How is it that people like Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe redefine Arizona's identity with such disregard of human dignity. It is what compels me to look beyond and see how to weave ourselves, communities and families back together.

Today it is raining and I think of the Snake Ceremony at HOPI and the Katchinas and the ancient Gods of this land. I think of the path of the Plumed Serpent whether from South America as some say or Meso America and what a journey it was to go on a quest to help one's people. I smell the rain as it falls outside my window. How many Hopi dances on the Mesas I've seen since I was was a little girl watching the clouds for imaginary pictures as I laid on the backseat looking through the car window; the empty landscapes; the red earth; the heat of summer; the coldness of grape or orange soda in glass bottles clinked out of old bottle coolers. I think of all the young Hopi Homies wearing Heavy Metal shirts, Bob Marley, Marijuana, Sponge Bob, Phoenix Suns and Mi Vida Loca shirts standing with their grandmas; the grandmas holding beautiful fat babies; families gathered close; under umbrellas and multicolored shawls making shade against the sun or shielding from the rain. I remember the songs I've heard; a rhythm, a connection to Spirit, God, Nature, humankind.... I squint my eyes to remember the years I've come here to listen, to watch and learn ; to feel in my Soul this mysterious union.

There is so much still not in the exhibition and I hope some of you will peruse the site and be inspired. It is because of my time in Mexico and learning what I have that I am inspired to look again to my backyard history in Arizona. I hope that people will be inspired to make their own connections and see what we share so we may develop better policies between our countries. It is one to one we can have make a difference as we experience the world overcome fear and alienation by seeing the bigger picture.

There is much gratitude and the show is a labor of love of the many people who I am blessed to call friends and family on both sides of the frontera who support this endeavor and keep me on the path to do my work and follow the muse.

Here's some links and clarifications from the story for those of you who want to know more!

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Francisco I. Madero injured in the Battle of Casas Grandes on March 6, 1911


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