Grey Skies and A gift of Blue

In my mind's eye I envisioned golden light ; shadow play and tranquility. When Almendra and I arrived at the laguna a HUGE bank of clouds blocked the sun and a family was out zooming around on a motorcycle; trash and broken glass strewn along the shore. The wind was up and I was slightly dashed....not the peace and tranquility of early morning but LIFe going on along the shore...Norterno music blasting and a few trucks cruising by to see what two ladies were doing; one with camera in tow and the other standing in the water....making pictures; making peace; making a communion with Nature. I don't know if my impatience had to do with being on my moon that I was agitated and yet my intention was to make a picture about hope,new life and a relationship we share with the natural world....I had to work through it and Almendra whose never posed for a photograph said she felt like a movie star or someone famous....and she was/ is.... in all her pregnancy glory. I had so much to do and yet I knew if not now it might not happen. As the evening grew darker, and it became obvious the light I had hoped for was ellusive we worked through it; both of us picking up trash; both of us focusing on creation... the sky grew darker and bluer. In spite of all our human trappings and trash, still what remains at the end of the day is the gift of Nature's own resiliency and beauty that remains constant. Nature's true colors leave me in awe....we just have to look and be open to her gifts.


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