01 May 2010

Angel Flying too close to the Ground

Today is the day Bennett flew away- I am thinking of my pops, and JP on the river- maybe passing that special place in the shade where a big horn sat; Life and rivers keep on flowing - I think about her laughter and warmth as I wear her old robe in the morning; all these memories of the years- the apartment so quiet just like it was seven years ago - how we are connected by love and loss and love beyond space and time. I clean the space and light a candle just in case she may come for a visit; a sip of Sotol, a cigarette; how I wish I could see her brushing her teeth or standing on the corner of San Fran/Aspen- just like that...I feel you sometimes when I see little things that remind me of you or when the music plays - wish I could see her in my dreams again. So here's to the GREAT Mystery, for those who've gone and those who remain - we Love and miss you dear Bennett!!!

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