18 April 2010

A FENCE rises in the southwest

I admire strong bodies of work like this. But GAUD how it makes me feel a mixture of deep sorrow, disbelief; desensitized by the media's hounding...the wolf spirit in the book, The Crossing comes to mind....I don't know this photographers work but I am thinking about what he saw and wonder what he personally thinks about it all.... How many days, the heat, the driving, the people and circumstances; I wonder what was playing on the radio- I wonder about both sides of the issue or what it's like to be the fence being in the middle. As one of my FB friends responded; it is not a black and white issue. What do these images say to you? What side are you on? How and how could this become a different reality? I feel I have miles of work to do..... so best get busy !

The Border Fence Rises in the
javascript:void(0) SHOT BY Anthony Suau for TIME

I also learn alot from photographer Michael Berman and writer Chuck Bowden;

Here's one of the first feelings of the border...still have a long way to go. I have hope for human solutions from what I've learned working for founder, Gil Gillenwater. An impassioned group of friends and bicycle enthusiast are doing AMAZING work on the frontera. www.Ranchofeliz.com