16 January 2010

LUCHAVERDE.org The green struggle.

I have returned from the middle of Mexico. The belly button of the Americas. In this land so faraway there are connections to what is now home Casas Grandes in Northern Mexico, and my birth home, and place where I grew up in Flagstaff, AZ. I had never seen pyramids nor seen any Meso American art with my own eyes. Because I've come here my curiosity has been piqued!

Ancient cultures of the Americas the tie in to my friend's dream to help her community of friends in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico. We have worked together to launch and begin our internet effects to bridge people back to the land through organic farming projects and recycling projects to help the young people become stewards of nature; to be the solution and not just consumers creating more things to throw away.

We take baby steps; our concerns as scientists, as family members and communities on both sides of the border our hope is we can capture the imagination of the people of our Americas to inspire them to become guardians o f the green earth. I hope to develop a character as popular as Ronald McDonald but rooted in the ancient myths of Jaguar Warriors who protect the world.

Please visit us as we develop our web presence. Go outside and think about the green world. Think about when you were a child and your imagination was free and you could run across a field or get lost in a million green shades of sheltering trees. Remember how the sea became clouds, and the clouds became rain and traveled across mountains and fields and sometimes when the light was just right after the storm, the sun would come out and how we could chase rainbows into the wonder and magic of it all.


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