28 November 2009

Nature- more precious then gold.

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The search for gold is a fever and it is upsetting the efforts of those who care to protect natures most precious places. Scientist's efforts to protect and educate our world are in danger from the encroaching greed. I am looking for links and connections. Delving into the past through present technology. Ancient symbols and the stories of the Americas. I want to help connect the stories, the relationships of north, middle and south americas.I am reading books late into the night to find a path to create a new design for a new eco project to foster stewardship of the land and cultural stories that amaze with thier depth, and complexity to explain a relationship of people to the land. This morning I found an article about the new road to connect Brazil to Peru. It's progress ! bringing the modern world. The dirt road becomes paved and the jungle of one of the most important rain forests in the world disappears.


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Brazil President says gringos have to pay to protect the Amazon.

I once traveled there three years ago to help the AmazonConservation.org to create an archive of images to use to protect the region. I traveled along the shores of the Manu River and the Madre Dios River, the River of God. I visited the most remote research station Cocha Cashu and met scientists and people who have been working together to protect these lands. Now I travel through the Sierra Madres in Chihuahua and see the gold miners in the mountains; the new roads being built and I feel a sadness and a great loss for the wild lands.

I think about watching the John Huston Classic, 'TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE'. The green prospectors pouring out water onto desert stones; and old man Howard's words reprimanding them for their ignorance in their desert quest, "Water's precious. Sometimes may be more precious than gold. " My dad and I are heating up leftovers from Thanksgiving for lunch. He tells me a story he heard of when the Spaniards came with their lust for gold their captors would pour liquid gold down their throats to quench their thirst. You can't drink or eat gold. We need trees to breathe.

Howard: We've wounded this mountain. It's our duty to close her wounds. It's the least we can do to show our gratitude for all the wealth she's given us. If you guys don't want to help me, I'll do it alone.
Bob Curtin: You talk about that mountain like it was a real woman.
Fred C. Dobbs: She's been a lot better to me than any woman I ever knew. Keep your shirt on, old-timer. Sure, I'll help ya.
from John Huston's movie, TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE.

My Amazon flickr gallery
Brazil President says gringos have to pay to protect the Amazon.

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