19 November 2009

Bison Crossing Borders: A gift

There are many crossings on any given day along the US/Mexican border that fill the headlines. But on November 3rd, 2009, an extraordinary eight year effort brought together by respective environmental agencies and people all cumulated at the Santa Teresa Crossing in a binational effort to reintroduce the endangered Bison back to Northern Chihuahua from Wind Cave, South Dakota.

It was a beautiful sight to see 23 bison yearlings cross the political lines to begin their new life in the land that once supported herds of bison.

Many of us stood together like children do at the zoo contemplating the magic and wonder of nature.

Perhaps this is a way for us to break down borders as we lo

These links will be updated and I hope people will learn more of the environmental efforts by both our countries.

The Nature Conservancy in Northern Mexico:








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