18 May 2009

Let the world change you and you can change the world.

Che! the most reproduced photo in the world. I watched "THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES"the other night and again was moved by this beautiful film; it made want to go travel and DO SOMETHING! It made me remember why I love people, photography and stories. It made me want to dream. I was trying to explain who CHE Guevara was/ is to my novio Beto who is learning about the world of books and photography as we explore our relationship and the different worlds we've experienced. What could I say about Che, the guy in the movie who keeps a diary and goes on to change the world. That he was a revolutionary know for wearing a beret with a star on his head; His image emblazoned on everything from murals, baseball hat, t-shirts and stickers. I was interested to learn more about Che Guevara who was beloved and made into an icon because of this photograph and the Cuban revolution. I am amazed that many people don't know much about him including myself. The photographer never really made any money on his image but both the creator and the muse live on beyond the timespan of their lives. Here's a good story about the image itself.
WestLicht Gallery Reconsiders Che Guevara in Photography Exhibit in Vienna
Music about Che Guevara with translations;

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