18 May 2009

Let the world change you and you can change the world.

Che! the most reproduced photo in the world. I watched "THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES"the other night and again was moved by this beautiful film; it made want to go travel and DO SOMETHING! It made me remember why I love people, photography and stories. It made me want to dream. I was trying to explain who CHE Guevara was/ is to my novio Beto who is learning about the world of books and photography as we explore our relationship and the different worlds we've experienced. What could I say about Che, the guy in the movie who keeps a diary and goes on to change the world. That he was a revolutionary know for wearing a beret with a star on his head; His image emblazoned on everything from murals, baseball hat, t-shirts and stickers. I was interested to learn more about Che Guevara who was beloved and made into an icon because of this photograph and the Cuban revolution. I am amazed that many people don't know much about him including myself. The photographer never really made any money on his image but both the creator and the muse live on beyond the timespan of their lives. Here's a good story about the image itself.
WestLicht Gallery Reconsiders Che Guevara in Photography Exhibit in Vienna
Music about Che Guevara with translations;

04 May 2009

Beloved Pan and all ye other Gods who here abide....

Beloved Pan and all ye other Gods who here abide.
Help us to be beautiful in the Inner Man
and of all we have of outer things
to be at PEACE with those within.

A-WOMAN. I like to add this whenever I can : )

LIfe is but a dream..... My homie, my novio and muse Beto and I took the boat Running made when he was here and took it to the water park, the Ojito. It is the spring that fed Paquime and still it's natural spring waters run through the pueblo. It is an oasis of heaven on earth. It is the time of the Beltane; spring rites and love; in the times of continued fear and loathing in the US of A I am sorely disappointed at the news media for escalating the hype; repeat information without context. Where's the truth and Love? so when the worlds gone mad and everyone is putting on their mask and avoiding the hugs and kisses we so desperately need Beto and I took to the spring in the desert. Of course it was closed but because we became instant family we were allowed in-just us and the gardeners and an open boat.

Beto's father was killed many years ago in a sad and tragic death here at Colonia San Diego. Bennett died six years ago in an auto accident. I've been reading to Beto about how we make peace with the past; how do we carry our scars of loss and grief. How do we have courage to continue? to love ourselves and forgive those who've gone? I dip into the words of Clarrisa Pinkola Estes-author of Women who Run with Wolves....our emotions are like a boat that carry us. I am just so happy to be in paradise in the midst of the "crisis"...here is a peace on earth. The sun, the wind, the feeling of spring green. I appreciate Beto's openness to listen and to indulge my visual quest....When my dad was here he made this boat to work with Kim his friend and model. They weren't able to use it and it became a bird roost for Ms.Emi. We took it down for the wedding of our friends and so it is how it became to be in my car as we drove through the dirt roads and barrios looking for the placid calm of water.

I feel this foto is about surrender; being on a journey to meet ones self in nature, to be free, to embrace Self and the world.
I am reminded of the beloved poem/grace by Socrates Spencer recites; all of the lines are woven into this feeling I so wish for the world during this time of Beltane and Pan. Here's a link about spring rites by Eric Francis.

This is to peace.To LOVE; to GRACE....To the green of life.