29 April 2009

PORK QUE? Swine flu,fear and loathing and a kiss or two.

I dont' watch TV so I was a bit uninformed the other day about the next wave of fear that was sweeping the collective conscious. I was in disbelief. What ELSE is wrong with Mexico? Why does my country always want to blame their neighbors to the south....When will my country take stock and take responsibility for it's 'drug problem' and our constant blame to always start a fight pitting US against THEM....sigh. It makes me sad and disappointed....IF only I could show the world what I've come to learn from my humble pueblo in the south about what it means to be human....I still think our current policies are making us less so...but I do have hope and I do love my country for what it once was...and hope it can grow into the vision not necessarily of the American Fathers but maybe those who lived here and still remain like the HOPIs. Such a vast and different viewpoint.

So I am eating pork everyday in protest. I savor it in all it's forms. In a taco with Chipotle salsa; Roasted in my mini oven with lime, chiles, and soy sauce served with rice and beans steamed with a real free range chicken egg- a little Chino Latino for breakfast with Costa Rican Tica sauce. I am mindful of every bite I take, savoring "the other white meat".

Horacio, who invited me to sit with his family at his father's grave site during Day of the Dead usually greets me with a hug and kiss like most people greet you here...he wasn't kissing or shaking hands...and I didn't understand until he explained....he's not sick...nor is anyone I know here.... I offered my conspiracy thoughts and told him with the US Media is fear crazy. What about the Bird Flu and the all the corporations whose main concern is their bottom line....at the expense of people, food and the environment.... ; I suggested he turn off his TV and play some LoS Panchos instead; by the end of our visite I had him laughing and thinking a bit different- I think he appreciated the perspective cause he decided he could kiss me after all.

I think the MEDIA is making our country sick....and it needs to be reformed...we got to get back to being HUMAN and start questioning where we get our information and see how it's effecting our lives. My friend Diego from Mata Ortiz wrote me in response yesterday , "I am kissing everybody!!!!!!! Today we went grocery shopping to Nuevo and some crazy ladies were using masks and touching every vegetable???????????" For some reason this made me laugh! Ah YES! WE do need to kiss everyone....and it made me think that what we really need to do is get back to really hugging and loving one another in these overly paranoid times that is doing more damage than good.

For a little alternative media I suggest reading the following-. there are more people than one would think who are not buying into it. Looking at all the other responses will definitely make you go hmmmmm.....and as my old boatman running mate would say, " makes you think about it...."

PLANETWAVES.net Wake up and Smell the $$$

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