28 March 2009

A Meeting with Yosemite Sam

I was taken by his hat and got out my Mariachi Mobile and went the opposite direction I had planned just to go SEE him. We both were looking in the window of the local costume shop when I asked if I could do his portrait. He said he doesn't really like having his picture taken...it takes too long; but he agreed and later showed up at our studio with his old 1851 Navy Colt pistol....what a cool ol' guy whose name is actually Cole. It was great to share my photos of the Mexican horse culture in Chihuahua as he really appreciated the spirit of the people. He said, "why do we need a passport? It's mexico!: and I agreed with him. This was his favorite hat he got in Puerto Vallarta. It made me feel good inside and confirmed again why I love people and being a photographer because it allows me to meet people like Cole, a person true to his life and himself.

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