15 November 2008

Inspirations and ? What will my rose be?

Earth from below. An amazing window into our world and inspiring words into the work of photographer Stephen Alvarez.

Beautiful,evocativepoetic imagery by
Gary Isaacs.
Gene Jacque Gaudel

FREEWILL ASTROLOGY: Gemini Horoscope for week of November 13, 2008

"There is a rose in Spanish Harlem," sings Ben E. King in his old pop ballad. "It is a special one/ It's never seen the sun/ It only comes out when the moon is on the run." King is fantasizing with longing about an alluring woman from a hardscrabble neighborhood. The rose is "growing in the street/ right up through the concrete" -- a delicate beauty blooming amidst tough conditions. Your assignment, Gemini, is to cultivate a connection with your equivalent of that rose.

Thousands of things go right for you every day, beginning the moment you wake up. Through some magic you don’t fully understand, you’re still breathing and your heart is beating, even though you’ve been unconscious for many hours. The air is a mix of gases that’s just right for your body’s needs, as it was before you fell asleep.

You can see! Light of many colors floods into your eyes, registered by nerves that took God or evolution or some process millions of years to perfect. The interesting gift of these vivid hues is furthermore made possible by an unimaginably immense globe of fire, the sun, that continually detonates nuclear reactions in order to convert its body into light and heat and energy for your personal use.

You can walk! Your legs work wonderfully well. Your heart circulates your blood all the way down to replenish the energy of the muscles in your feet and calves and thighs, and when the blood has delivered its blessings, it finds its way back to your heart to be refreshed. This wondrous mystery recurs over and over again without stopping every hour of your life.

You can smell aromas and you can hear sounds and you can taste tastes, many of which are quite enjoyable. You can think! You can feel feelings and visualize images of things that don't even exist. You’re in possession of the extraordinary power of self-awareness. Do you realize how far-fetched that stupendous ability is? You not only know that you are you. You also know that you know that you know you are you.

Each of the 50 trillion cells in your body can be considered a sentient being in its own right, and they all act together as a community, performing an ongoing act of prodigious collaboration.

By some improbable series of coincidences or long-term divine plan, language has come into existence. Millions of people have collaborated for many centuries to cultivate a system for communication that you understand very well. Speaking and reading and writing give you great pleasure and a tremendous sense of potency.

Do you remember when you were born, by the way? It was a difficult miracle that involved many people who worked very hard on your behalf. No less miraculous is the fact that you have continued to grow since then, with millions of new cells being born within you all the time to replace the old ones that are dying. It's just like magic.

The Big Read and a little Dance poem

Reading. I love to read and look at books. It's my favorite past time no matter where I am or where I go I am always carrying at least ten books, copies of articles,magazines, picture books, poetry books, journals and writing. I love to start my day with coffee in bed and open a book and write in my journal. There is just not enough time in the day to read and absorb everything I want to learn it seems. Yesterday my dad gave me a set of his old Frank Waters books about the Hopis and the southwestern cultures. They have the patina of beautiful worn covers and pages.He got them before I was born. Before he was a marine in Trinidad where he would fall in love and get married to my mom. More than forty years later he pulls them from a shelf and sets them before me. A karin of knowledge beckoning me to dip into my mind into the pools of perception. I open the pages; a Scarlet Ibis feather falls out of the the book Talking Gods. Words wait patiently.

Interesting things to read that make you go hmmmmm.


I don't want to be the only one here
Telling all the secrets --

Filling up all the bowls at this party,
Taking all the laughs.

I would like you
To start putting things on the table
That can also feed the soul
The way I do.

That way
We can invite

A hell of a lot more

Late in the night I read the poem Dkish sent me, here's to dancing with you on the page, in a reflection, in memory,
laughing in a dream hoping to meet again and DANCE the way we did last summer!

Cast All Your Votes for Dancing

I know the voice of depression
Still calls to you.

I know those habits that can ruin your life
Still send their invitations.

But you are with the Friend now
And look so much stronger.

You can stay that way
And even bloom!

Keep squeezing drops of the Sun
From your prayers and work and music
And from your companions' beautiful laughter.

Keep squeezing drops of the Sun
From the sacred hands and glance of your Beloved
And, my dear,
From the most insignificant movements
Of your own holy body.

Learn to recognize the counterfeit coins
That may buy you just a moment of pleasure,
But then drag you for days
Like a broken man
Behind a farting camel.

You are with the Friend now.
Learn what actions of yours delight Him,
What actions of yours bring freedom
And Love.

Whenever you say God's name, dear pilgrim,
My ears wish my head was missing
So they could finally kiss each other
And applaud all your nourishing wisdom!

O keep squeezing drops of the Sun
From your prayers and work and music
And from your companions' beautiful laughter

And from the most insignificant movements
Of your own holy body.

Now, sweet one,
Be wise.
Cast all your votes for Dancing!

Check out the Obama Dance Party in Seattle.
Don't Stop Believing!!!!


13 November 2008

YAY WE WIN! Photogeekin with Obamalandia

Photo of photogeek Chip Thomasthis past summer.

Home at the foot of the sacred mountain kissed with snow. I have made the migration north to my mountain,my canyons
and the sacred land. It is so wonderfully strange to be in my Mexican world of Casas Grandes and read the Book of the HOPI.
I read in bed with my headlamp as there is no electricity in that part of the Casa Azul. It is just like camping. The crickets and
the barking dogs waft in through the screened in windows; I travel through the four worlds of myth and legends; I travel back
to the confluence of the Colorado River and remember the place of emergence and the sacred salt mine I remember seeing when I was a. I remember the canyon walls red, and rain growing over this land; chasing rainbows with my brother, and driving into rainstorms when we'd travel with our dad across the rez, the smell of rain and earth in summertime down pours.

Coming across the border this time I can feel the climate has changed in my country with the election of Obama. It is a new day, a new time and there is still a lot of work to do. It is amazing and exciting to see my country come alive again and be inspired by HOPE. A Letter to Obama from Alice Walker

For something you've never seen before check out Obama's photostream at flickr.com. It's a whole new era in photogeeking with the new Pres!

The world seems more connected and small. On election night I watched TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. it was very much for our times now. I had never read or seen the movie. In the DVD commentary which I highly encourage everyone to SEE. In the DVD extras actor Gregory Peck spoke so eloquently of his role and the importance of this book. I realized how what was then still offers a window into our present time. I felt Adicus Finich, as a man,father, reflects something of what I feel is what personified in Obama and the kind of man who protects his family as his community and vice versa.

He quoted Winston Churchill:
"We have surmounted all the perils and endured all the agonies of the past. We shall provide against and thus prevail over the dangers and problems of the future, withhold no sacrifice, grudge no toil, seek no sordid gain, fear no foe. All will be well. We have, I believe, within us the life-strength and guiding light by which the tormented world around us may find the harbour of safety, after a storm-beaten voyage." —Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, 9 November 1954