29 October 2008

Jesus and 4O CASAS and a birthday

I swear everyday is a fieldtrip. Whether it's the local church in the old mission style that our friend Grizlle did the mural for, or heading down the road in any given direction. I was suppose to go north but went south when least expected. I waffled about going home to do my presentation in Flagstaff. I couldn't read between the lines and tell if I was am on deck fully or not in Albuquerque for a writing workshop; everything felt wishy washy;kinda sorta; unclear and cloudy; seemed in either direction north it felt this way; I was so close to going had a ticket to ride but in the morning Emi says let's go to Quarenta 40 Casas! No doubt about it. Immediately EVERYTHING in me said a very loud resounding, head to my toes, from my heart YES!!! It's a 4 hour drive south towards Madero, across the desert down to Buena Ventura, up and over the mountains and across the open fields of juniper and pine; It looks like the plateau of home near Flagstaff. Emi, Jane and I. it is Jane's birthday. She has come to Casas Grandes to study and learn about the rock art of the region to compare and find the threads as related to her work at Zuni. If I had been to collage I would have wanted her to be my Chair Gal. What amazing company to be in and what a way to celebrate the world! so off we go down the road into the bright dazzling sunshine of the morning with Mexican songs serenading us ladies and the unfolding desert. Here are some of the photos and the wonderful people from the park we met, Simon and David. David has worked in this canyon for over 15 years. He tells us how there are over 150 sites and this cliff dwelling was still occupied when the Spaniards came. It is the same geography of Valle de las Cuevas. The air smells sweet, a small stream gurgles below. The pines smell like my memories of trees from my home in Flagstaff,AZ. David offers us warm hot coffee and walks with us up the steep incline; It is a little more than a mile down and back. I feel happy because I know it means so much for Jane to be here; I can see and feel it; This is exactly where I was meant to be. more soon!

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