06 June 2008


Three days of Charreria. The wind blows all day the first day. I am literally blown off the wall and find myself camera in hand at looking up at all the Charros from the ground up; It begins from 9 to 9 each day. Each day I shoot over 16 gigs. I charge batteries in my car; I am all over the place as every place has a different, a different story. I am still editing. The hard drives seize up. I feel myself cringe with anticipated disappointment. Technological nightmare;To have come so far to have waited for this moment and feel paraylized is quite disconcerting. It sucks. Especially with the wind. Funny how none of these fotos express the wind; the dust inside. The musica begins. LOUD over the empty seats in the morning arena. The pageantry is elegant. Formal. Graceful. Everyone is beautiful,handsome,dressed to the nines. Smiling. Joking. This is the most Mexican Sport of all. The sun glares and sparks of light glisten off the sweaty brows and silver work of bridles. Eyes glint into the sun.
I learn as I go learning from the announcers, the judges what to look for. They tell where to go. To wait; I am free to roam.
The back of the shoots; The announcer box, the stands, the stables; everywhere circles of men with Tecates; Beautiful families
from all over Chihuahua gather throughout the days; each day new vestimentos, the amazing art of the traditional dress.
Where are you from? Juarez,Camargo, Jimenez, Delicias, El Paso, Phoenix, mi pueblo, Nuevo Casas Grandes!I admire the sportsmanship and what can I say, I love the people I have to know even if for however brief. I will witness over twenty three events. No wonder I am still editing. This is just a small sample. I meet a beautiful young woman named AMERICA. She and her brother learned the tradition of Charreria from her father and he his grandfather. They represent the bridging of culture and traditions. To me she represents what AMERICA is at it's finest. A mix of traditions, rich and rooted in tradition, strong, beautiful, resilient, hospitable, powerful, gracious,strong- her smile embracing LIFE. I learn about America by being embraced within the cultures of Mexico.

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