Mama Tierra:Mayaguel

Mayahuel, Goddess and protector of the Maguey plant. Agave milk, the gift of Queen Xochi who gave Pulque to the people . In these times I think of how we need nurturing Mother's milk.

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I did my first painting in a long time. It was how I spent my birthday; good to feel charcoal in hand, and think about turning edges of dark and light. I had spent the day before LOOKing at agaves with Juan. their points, the designs imprinted from before unfolding. I will be exhibiting the painting at the Festival Nuevo Paquime at the Museum of Northern Cultures through out July.

I love how when following a line of inspiration how it unfolds as you learn more. My dear friend and bro, my mentor for over 25 years has always and continues to educate me and open my mind to new teachings and ideas about the mythic southwest and Mexico. When I told him about the passage in Frank Water's book, MYSTIC MEXICO, Sal referred me to the Illustrated Dictionary of the Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexio and the Maya.


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