06 June 2008


The Archeologists have arrived!! Upon their arrival the Profs were whipping up a whole lotta spaghetti !!! Can they cook!! The scene reminded me of a rivertrip meets the youth hostel amidst the trappings of the working laboratory; maps, boxes,bags,laptops, shards, tools, tents,shovels,trowels, and Lordisima knows what else is in their tool kits. What an experience it's going to be. Donated the orange parachute from Burning Man to help them out with Shade world; If they only knew. There is a group of archeologists working on a new site from the ground up.Michael Whalen, Paul Mennis, and Todd Pitezel will be working here with their students from the states and Mexico for the next couple months. I am so excited to learn about their work and see how the story unfolds; I went to the el Convento which was the site my dad's mentors worked on in the early 60's. I remember them still and to see how quickly the site has changed within fifty years is stunning. I imagine over and over this story told in these stones, rocks, adobe walls in kernals of corn. What do have to learn and what is our legacy to preserve for generations to come? What is a thousand, 1500 years? In five hundred, in five....
From little fragments there's a whole new world to comprehend.

We also went out with Carlos Hernandez and his father to Arroyo de Los Monos. My new friends Yvette and Nick were on their excellent life changing adventure to go live in San Miguel De Allende. The came for one night and stayed for three. Casas Grandes will forever be imprinted into their homecoming to Mexico. Each day an adventure!!! for Guide info please contact Carlos. He also works at the Museum of Northern Cultures. I always learn something from him.

Carlos Hernández Hdez.
Guia Kokopelli Tours
(045) 636 116 01 58

Also to further expand the concepts of archelolgy in the GRAN CHICHIMECA check out GRAND ARCHEOLOGY by my associate,
best friend and foto geek cohort Dawn Kish. She just went into surgery today to repair a broken hand while on assignment for Adventure Magazine. She still rocks!!! Check her out and give her a shout out while she repairs her wing.




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