TED.COM has opened a whole new worlds and wonderful concepts about this planet, and the people who are DOING something. As my dear friend Queen E , as I like to call her when she's in her recliner chair at home here with Spencer or at the Deponcudora, the unpucture-er- the place you go to fix the pinche holes in your tire... Ms Emi said matter of factly to me as I flailed through one disappointment after another," Might as well go out and DO something even if it's wrong!!"

It is like the story Gil who has a great example of Doing it. He and his brother started Rancho Feliz twenty years ago. He shared this story with me of crossing an impossible river and getting all worked up ; curious to see what the monk would do after falling and flailing himself he watched the same thing happen to monk who began only to laugh harder and more with each trial and tribulation. So we must laugh and remain light....As Nicci T, our fabulous body worker and cosmic cowgrrl in Flagtown once said on her answering machine; "remember Atttitude is everything so chose a good one and have a GREAT day!"

Seeing this little blip on offered aLOT of insight into the day and reminded me while I was flailing why life is amazing.... why we need to laugh, and keep it going. Here's to DOING it for all the right reasons!! So we make signs that most people will not read, but Que La VIDA !! sometimes the message still gets on through.



"if you don't get it forget it" remember that one? the link doesn't work to TED? call my skype

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