Mother's Day

When I walk around my little world I observe the oddities, the fun of life in the middle of harsh reality. I think one can laugh in pain. Maybe this is what we need to pull us out of the absurdity of it all. I always thought how strange it is that one can find beauty even in the most horrible images. I care for what I photograph. I make love with my eyes through the viewfinder. I caress the image on that piece of paper as it appears like magic, a ray of light emerging from total darkness. - Anonymous

Mother's Day. I go to yoga; I talk with my mom who the other day told me about when I was a baby and being taken care of by the Mayorga's and Ortiz familiies. I am going to try and find them to photograph them and learn where their families came from in Mexico before Flagstaff.

I went on a photo geek out to Wet Beaver Creek with Hason and Shane MacDermott who is teaching a photo workshop through the FPC in june. There's room so I go. The sun is warm. We drop down the mountain and meet the high desert. A bend in the canyon is the creek. Tranqul waterfalls beneath the bleached Cottonwoods, Nopales, spring green, hot pink catus flowers, the sweet smell of water and blackberry flowers; lie on a rock and feel the sun; listen to water and watch a 1000 shades of green shimmer against the blue sky.

There are so many reasons to feel despondent and yet SO many more reasons to remember why Life is a miracle.
Sitting next to a baby waterfall gurgling and rushing by in playful song reminds of this. I close my eyes and dip my toes into the ice cold water.

It's Mother's day. I am here to see and experience and remember. The miracle of birth. Creation. The calm in the storm.
Small acts of faith bloom in this desert land.

Lava earth. burnt trees and new soft green grasses. I see the similar plants from the region and think of Casas Grandes while looking at this canyon in Arizona. Gran Chichimeca captivates me more and more. I have just been invited to go down river tomarrow...bottom of Grand Canyon. Mama river. It's been two years since I was there.

I will decide in the morning.
I imagine sleeping under stars. The long narrow slice of sky. Dreaming of Mexico and nights of the Ante Pasados. Connected by points of light.


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