18 May 2008

If you could save the greatest rain forest,would you?

The smell of the jungle.wet. green.rotting. growing. regenerating.heavy,thick. deep.rich. I remember the rain, the mornings on the water with bands of thin trunk trees stretching to the sky. the glassy river, a brown mirror,winding and bending. Everything so alive!! I did a series of images for ACA a couple years ago. It was an amazing experience to see Peru and learn about this most special place on earth. I hope we can make a diffference. As sientists, artists and people who love this most beautiful world. In the jungle everything has a relationship, and is precious. If you want to go on a journey and get involved please visit their sites and go visit your backyard. The image clip was just finished to help promote carbon offset efforts on the jack Johnson website. Even after a couple years the message is more important than ever. I hope it can make a difference.

ACA clip: Photos:Sam Abell & Raechel Running

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