Winter in Flagtown.
I have just returned to my northern homeland. Snow everywhere, the most snow in years. Blue skies. Sunshine.
I think about migration paths, borders, the ancient past and the future as I travel the highways through deserts, plateaus, mountains. I think about local tacos in my pueblo of Casas Grandes; I eat Mennonite cheese and green chiles and Takis, my favorite Mexican Chips with just the right amount of spice and lime. My worlds are interweaving, north and south through what I see. I decided to start a new blog just about my experiences in Mexico and to have a place to share all these amazing links and stories I find so inspiring. The journey continues as my photographic life now and what is inspirational to my eye, and engages both my mind and heart I feel i am being lead to meet my life's work.

I miss the sound of birds and the church bells. Mexican songs wafting over adobe walls. The local color,the old pick up trucks,
the beautiful faces of the people of my barrio. I walk like a stranger in my own hometown and feel I am floating through what I once knew; how I dread going to the super size grocery store where I know I will be overwhelmed by all the propaganda when faced with the decision of what 30 brands of toothpaste,peanut butter,cleaning products should I buy?


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