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What is a border? Who is us? Who are them? I think about the ancient roads of the region, a land called MARATA when the first
Spaniards began to map the "new" world. A place called Gran Chicimeca. A place that has old stories and a complex mythologies and mysteries that still have not been unraveled. I am enchanted by this world in 2008. Down my street the ancient ruins of Paquime; the Casas Grandes River, Monte Montezuma on the north south meridian, the theory by Steve Lexon connecting the dots beyond borders.

The Villista Cabalgata also makes this same journey to the US/MEXICO border. The land is an exquisite valley. Vast space, fields, and sky. I go beyond the towns on my travels and I always remember last springs afternoon traveling along with the Cabalgata;the shadowed mesas, the people from the various communities all out to greet the Cabalgarangos, the riders.

I return to the daily news of hate towards fellow human beings; What I hear is hatred spewing. Who is us? Who are they? These people whose ancient ancestors walked these lands 1000 of years ago......malls, and buildings on top of ancient dwellings, the Hohokom.

Now we have Sheriff Joe being a good will ambassador. What is it we support? What is human kindness, dignity,compassion?
How do we overcome ignorance? What is the value of LIfe itself ? I am sharing this tonight because it makes me feel sad; I think about the beauty of the dream of AMerica; I think about tribal peoples who shared cultural resources from miles and miles away. I marvel at ancient pieces of pottery. I see beautiful Cliff Dwellings in Northern Arizona that look like cliff dwellings in the Mexican Sierras. How can you tell people to get out of a place they've always been???

I also realize that most people have no interest or no idea of the history of where they live. Perhaps they never went to a museum, or walked through a place where people lived thousands of years ago, maybe they never were taught to appreciate the arts -

The Cabalgata would be a great place to land if you were a visiting martian. Someone would embrace you and welcome you.
They would invite you to eat and stay with the family; You would be introduced and taken in. Perhaps it is a different experience for each of us, but I really do believe the best of what it means to be and act as Human Being goes beyond borders.
I have come to respect the generosity of Spirit of the people I have met during my time in Casas Grandes.

I wish my country, my state could have a better vision to resolve the issues. All I can do is make pictures and hopefully add a little light on the situation.

In the words of Nikos Kaztanzakis, the Greek writer wrote, "To see. To record. To comment. " , that is my job as a photographer. I want to help people understand and value one another. Life is precious. The richness of what we could cultivate and protect for generations to come is invaluable. I hope to make pictures that will open people's hearts, help to question the sanity of our behavior towards our fellow humans, This is us. We are them. Who do we become ?

I feel compelled to go experience this and see what stories my pictures would tell? I think of Mexico. I am homesick for my
pueblo. I think of all the amazing things I've been exposed to this past year and sigh. How will the story unfold ???

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