13 February 2008

In honor of Pedrito. Casas Grandes, Chihuahua. He was always walking the town selling newspapers at the local Taco stand,
on the corners, the little tenditas, and in front of my house. Sometimes he would speak of politics, and enthusiastically about things I couldn't even begin to translate or understand. Lost in Translation is often a state I'm in. He was always kind and would
cross the street to just shake your hand. So much can change instantly. Vaya Con Dios Pedro. Thank you for standing before me and allowing me to make your portrait that day.I will always remember you as apart of this community that has become so endeared to my heart. I will miss seeing you in my barrio. He was one of the last people I saw before I left to drive back home across the border as he waved smiling at me as I headed to el norte.

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El mero mero said...

I appreciate the article that you wrote and was posted on El Diario about Pedrito. I reside in the U.S. pero soy nacido en casas. Even though it has been a while since last I saw him, it will defenitely be one of the things that I will miss from that great place. We all remember him and his palomitas and the pants that he could never wear straight, but better yet, for who he was and represents. Once again, thanks again for, in my opinion, the "tribute" to one of the kindest and nicest person on earth.